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JPS Health Network’s Level I Trauma Center Re-designation

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Ensuring timely access to exceptional trauma care

For more than a decade, JPS has served as a leader in trauma care. Our teams are always ready to provide life-saving care to all patients. And once again, JPS has proven that our care is among the best. JPS has been re-verified by American College of Surgeons and re-designated by Texas Department of State Health Services as a Level I Trauma Center.

JPS is the only Level I Trauma facility in Tarrant County and is one of just 20 designated facilities in Texas. Level I is the highest of four levels.

“Level I Trauma Centers are prepared to treat every injured patient that enters the organization. This includes a simple fracture, life threatening injuries requiring emergency surgeries, and everything in between,” said Cassie Lyell, DNP, RN, TCRN, Executive Director for Trauma, Acute Care Surgery, and Forensics.

This is the fourth time the designation has been renewed since JPS was originally named a Level I Trauma Center in 2009 by the Texas Department of State Health Services (TDSHS). The designation lasts until 2025.

“To achieve verification, the survey team evaluates the clinical services provided, performance improvement and patient safety data, processes and procedures, injury prevention, outreach, research and scholarly activities,” Lyell said.

JPS met all 311 criteria necessary to be designated as a Level I Trauma Center, proving once again that means JPS is equipped to give all patients the best care regardless of the severity of their injuries. This is critical because death and disability rates are lowest when care is provided in a Level I Trauma Center.

“The Level I Trauma program is an important distinction for JPS and is reflective of JPS Health Network’s commitment to providing the highest level of service to our community,” said Trauma Medical Director Rajesh Gandhi, MD, PhD, FACS, FCCM. “ The designation is a source of pride, and shows the community that we are dedicated to comprehensive trauma care.”

Although the distinction itself is important, it’s what the distinction means for the community that is most beneficial. Being a Level I Trauma Center in Tarrant County ensures our community has access to the highest acuity and quality of trauma care, Lyell said.

Lyell said the leading cause of death amongst Americans aged 1 to 44, and the fourth leading cause of death for all ages, is unintentional traumatic injury, so the need for a Level I Trauma Center in Tarrant County is essential.

“Every person deserves to have timely access to exceptional trauma care,” Dr. Gandhi said. “So, everyone involved in the patient encounter must be prepared to address the specialty needs of injured patients.”

As the Tarrant County population grows, JPS is committed to high quality trauma services to meet the health needs of families today and in the future.

“JPS continues to raise the bar, embracing change and challenges,” Lyell said. “Trauma Services continually re-assesses programs and seeks innovate ways to meet the needs of the patients, organization, and communities so we can continue to provide exceptional care long into the future”